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Venus White®

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Venus White® is a take-home whitening kit for custom trays. Your dentist at Canyon Creek Family & Implant Dentistry creates the trays for you using a special whitening gel that is available in concentrations of 16%, 22% and 35%. Your dentist will help you determine which concentration is best for you. The viscous whitening gel is mint flavored and contains potassium nitrate. For best results, Venus White® should be used with the trays for up to 14 days.

The Venus White® teeth gel contains peroxide, which releases oxygen molecules to break up the chains of protein that comprise tooth stains. As a result, light travels through the dispersed protein links and makes the teeth look whiter.

The Venus White® Process

  • A gingival barrier is applied to the gums to protect from them from any sensitivity
  • The teeth are painted with the Venus White whitening gel
  • Whitening molecules attach to the surface of each tooth, dissolving and lifting any stains
  • The teeth are rinsed and dried
  • Gingival barrier is removed

This process is repeated in three or four 15-minute intervals, totaling a visit of about 60 minutes.
For more effective results, our dentist may recommend Venus White® Pro with custom whitening trays.

The Venus White® teeth whitening procedure is performed by our dentist at Canyon Creek Family & Implant Dentistry - Everett. Let us help you achieve a whiter smile. Call Canyon Creek Family & Implant Dentistry at 425-585-0805 to schedule an appointment.